2021 is the Year to Explore Owning A Blue Kangaroo Packoutz Franchise

2021 is the Year to Explore Owning A Blue Kangaroo Packoutz Franchise

Reopening communities means buildings and contents that may need cleaning and restoration

Ever visit a vacation home or other dwelling that isn’t used for much of the year? It always needs a good airing out, dusting, and general cleaning. Now, think about office spaces that have sat empty and mostly unused since March 2020, when the pandemic lockdowns began.

Now go a step further and think about what would happen if, in those places, a dripping water pipe wasn’t seen before the shutdown, or a kitchen appliance was left on. It’s going to take more than a quick sweep to rectify those situations — it’s going to take the specialized services of a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz contents restoration franchise.

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Unique, niche services build demand quickly

That’s because Blue Kangaroo Packoutz stands out in the booming furniture repair and restoration franchise space. Franchise owners and their teams receive customized training on how to handle many different scenarios. They will also learn how to provide the targeted, specialized remediation that clients demand.

“A Blue Kangaroo Packoutz team doesn’t just come in and get rid of water or clean furniture,” explains Tim Fagan, President. “Rather, they take a holistic approach: first, they look at the entire property, not just the visible damage, so they can find any other trouble spots. Then, they recommend a full slate of services so that the restoration covers every possible angle. That will give the property owner peace of mind.”

Industry-leading training, support pay off

Another leg up that Blue Kangaroo Packoutz franchise owners have is the backing of the BELFOR Franchise Group, one of the nation’s largest networks of cleaning and restoration brands. BELFOR’s wraparound support of franchise owners means that they start strong, never stop learning, and grow quickly.

“A Blue Kangaroo Packoutz franchise is a fascinating business to own because every job is different,” Fagan says. “That means franchise owners must be ready for anything. The BELFOR team makes sure that they get extensive initial training and continual education to stay ahead of the curve. Then, we couple that with great back-office systems for smooth operations, and marketing services so they can get the word out about all they have to offer. It’s a fantastic, turnkey solution for entrepreneurs who want to get into this exciting line of work.”

Blue Kangaroo Packoutz is one of the most affordable franchise opportunities in the fast-growing contents restoration industry. The total investment for owning a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz ranges from $155,966 to $310,690 to open a new business ($140,176 to $295,715 in a small market). To convert an existing business into a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz, the costs range from $92,931 to $285,690. We proudly offer a discount to veterans interested in investing in a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz.

Interested in becoming a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz franchise owner?

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