Blue Kangaroo Packoutz Franchisees Get Training From Industry Experts

Blue Kangaroo Packoutz Franchisees Get Training From Industry Experts

Blue Kangaroo Packoutz development team leader explains how exceptional training helps franchisees

As one of the only national brands specializing in contents restoration, Blue Kangaroo Packoutz contents restoration franchise meets a tremendous need in the restoration industry.

When a homeowner loses their home in a disaster, they also lose everything they own: furniture, photos, family heirlooms and more. Blue Kangaroo Packoutz contents restoration franchise is the brand that restores the items people lose back to their pre-damaged state.

Blue Kangaroo Packoutz team standing in front of trucks training from industry experts

By focusing on this niche market, Blue Kangaroo Packoutz franchise owners capitalize on an underserved segment of the recession-resistant restoration industry – and they don’t do it alone. As part of the BELFOR Franchise group, one of the nation’s leading franchisors in the home services and restoration industries, Blue Kangaroo Packoutz franchise owners have access to world-class training and an ongoing support platform.

To discuss what makes the support infrastructure of Blue Kangaroo Packoutz so unique in the contents restoration industry, we recently interviewed Ryan McLaughlin, a leader on the Blue Kangaroo Packoutz franchise development team. McLaughlin also explains the culture of Blue Kangaroo Packoutz, what makes Blue Kangaroo Packoutz unique in the industry, and much more.

What was the driving force behind launching Blue Kangaroo Packoutz?

McLaughlin: We created this brand to fill a void in the contents restoration industry. Over the years, we’ve experienced an increasing need in the industry as a whole for qualified professionals and quality work.

Blue Kangaroo Packoutz is all about helping people in a time of need. Anyone that has been through property loss knows how hard it is to go through that particular situation. Our brand focuses on exceeding our customer’s expectations every day. We aim to make them feel comfortable in a time we know is discomforting.

What do you do to help people build a successful business?

McLaughlin: What we do to help people become successful is based on our pursuit of relentless support. When you meet the people that make up our support team, you’ll truly see their ability and depth of knowledge to dive in and help out franchisees every step of the way.

Our leadership team has built this business from a solid foundation. We spent years perfecting our procedures in order to make it easy for all levels of entrepreneurs. The varying depth of our team offers full, on-going assistance in every aspect of the business from marketing, technology, technical expertise, to professional development. We will be the first to encourage and guide your ambitions.

What kind of person is well-suited for this business?

McLaughlin: The kind of person built best for this business is someone who is empathetic, hard-working, and ready to take on the needs of their customers in a time of need and potential loss.

We want our franchisees to grow their business without compromising. Restorers are owed a tremendous amount of respect for what they do. We align with organizations that showcase our team’s hard-earned work.

Should current restoration business owners consider joining your brand?

McLaughlin: Absolutely! If you already own a contents business there is no better match than working with our company to help you grow. It is the most key aspect actually. We are not interested in settling. We are interested in growing and helping our franchise owners grow.

How does Blue Kangaroo Packoutz stand out from other brands in the industry?

McLaughlin: We do things a little differently, but the most important factor is in our culture. Our company culture is something that is hands-down what I admire the most about our team. We invite people to experience it for themselves. We want to ensure that they feel at home and see first-hand our commitment to their success as much as the success of our brands as a whole. Our goal is to bring everyone together in a network that works against the competition.

Why is this business rewarding for its franchise owners?

McLaughlin: Because our partners make a positive impact on the lives of their customers. They make a difference because they are there when it counts. It’s rewarding because we can improve their quality of life by showing them how to be there for support. They are on the front lines first, dealing with people’s most prized positions. They are making a huge impact on how we interact as professionals. We learn each day from our franchisees how to help make this world a better place. The level of empathy and hard work has been a winning combination for our success. Yet, it has also created a passion in our culture to go above and beyond expectations for those that need our services.

This is the most rewarding aspect of our business. The face you see on the person you are working with – the one that shows the sentimental and priceless value in what we were able to restore. I’m convinced we are restoring hope and helping our customers resume their life after terrible circumstances. Feeling the same relief and joy as someone you were able to help is really an unmatched feeling.

Interested in becoming a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz franchise owner?

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