2021 Is The Perfect Year To Launch A Contents Restoration Franchise

2021 Is The Perfect Year To Launch A Blue Kangaroo Packoutz Franchise

Achieve financial independence while building a successful small business in a service niche that’s not tied to seasons or the state of the economy with a contents restoration franchise

Many entrepreneurs understandably put their business ownership plans on hold during 2020 and spent that time researching their options. It was a smart play and many of them discovered — and are now opening — a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz contents restoration franchise.

It’s a smart play because a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz contents restoration franchise doesn’t follow a calendar or go up and down with economic trends. Homes and businesses suffer damages from broken pipes, fires, and other events, not to mention the devastation wrought by natural disasters. When those happen, a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz franchise owner is ready to step in and provide much-needed help.

Blue Kangaroo Packoutz contents restoration franchise woman restores bar stool

Easy to add onto an existing business

Already have a plumbing or water restoration company? Grab an even bigger slice of the $210 billion restoration industry by adding a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz franchise. You’ll capture more revenue simply by being able to offer more services on each call. And you can also partner with other remediation providers who are looking to outsource furniture removal and restoration.

What’s more, as a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz contents restoration franchise owner, you’ll benefit from the BELFOR Franchise Group’s well-deserved reputation for outstanding support to franchise owners. As part of the BELFOR family, you’ll tap into services such as: marketing, 24/7 call center appointment booking, business coaching, and more. You’ll also get a large, protected territory — no more racing out to beat the competition because customers will be coming to you.

A 24/7/365 business where you control growth

Owning a furniture repair and restoration franchise also means you’re not at the mercy of seasonal or economic ebbs and flows. Fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters occur without regard to the time of day or season of the year. Consider that when comparing what a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz restoration franchise offers vs. a restaurant or retail franchise. You’ll also have plenty of ways to earn income as a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz franchise owner because you’ll provide restoration services to remedy the damage caused to furniture, heirlooms, documents, arts, and other contents.

What’s more, you’ll control the growth of your business. As mentioned before, the restoration and remediation industry is a $210 billion industry — and growing. That means you can pick and choose the opportunities to bid on, whether it’s jobs related to large-scale damage from storms and other disasters, or more commonplace events such as broken pipes or blown hot-water heaters that flood homes.

Blue Kangaroo Packoutz is one of the most affordable franchise opportunities in the fast-growing contents restoration industry. The total investment for owning a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz ranges from $155,966 to $310,690 to open a new business, and to convert an existing business into a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz, the costs range from $92,931 to $285,690. We proudly offer a discount to veterans interested in investing in a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz.

Interested in becoming a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz contents restoration franchise owner?

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