Be a Hero in Your Community and Provide an Essential Service

Be a Hero in Your Community and Provide an Essential Service

Blue Kangaroo Packoutz Franchisees offer an essential service to their communities

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a hero? Not many people actually get to experience it; instead, many scenarios in life leave us wishing there was something we could do to help. Franchising with Blue Kangaroo Packoutz contents packout franchise is your chance to step up and restore hope when it seems that all hope is lost. Our contents restoration business restores more than possessions – we restore faith to those experiencing a devastating loss.

In the case of home disasters, being a Blue Kangaroo Packoutz franchisee means you have the ability to make things better. We are a business that helps you fulfill your dreams by helping others save theirs – and that’s a powerful thing.

Investing in our contents restoration franchise opportunity is a chance to help people get their lives back to normal by saving the items lost in a disaster. We offer cost-effective practices that secure the memories of each piece – whether a family heirloom, an original art piece, or an item simply considered irreplaceable by the homeowner.

Blue Kangaroo Packoutz contents packout franchise two men remove contents from burned house essential service

Support to get your franchise up and running

The same way we support our customers, Blue Kangaroo Packoutz supports our franchisees. We provide the necessary knowledge and tools for franchisees to confidently enter the world of restoration. Because Blue Kangaroo Packoutz is owned by BELFOR Franchise Group, our franchise owners not only benefit from robust franchise support but also from incredible brand recognition.

We’re in the business of making lives better – and that includes yours!

“Besides the rewarding work we do, there are certainly benefits to franchising with Blue Kangaroo Packoutz – particularly our infinite resources and ability to handle the restoration of any item our customer needs,” says Ryan McLaughlin, an executive member of the Blue Kangaroo Packoutz Franchise Development team. “It isn’t just the variety of items, it’s the variety of damages we can deal with. We also use high-level technology to eliminate different types of contamination. The endless ways we can help our customers make the profit potential for franchisees wide open. Our multiple avenues of specialization make us truly unique – and truly unlimited.”

Our contents packout franchise offer recession-resistant demand, a simple business model, and powerful results

Contents cleaning and restoration services have always been essential – but this year’s various natural disasters have made the need for Blue Kangaroo Packoutz even more apparent.

We are a highly specialized enterprise that serves three categories of customers – the insurance industry, the insured, and the contractors that trust us to perform each sensitive task. Additionally, we are specialists that thrive in a niche market without limiting your growth or profitability.

As the demand for services grows, it’s more important than ever to build solid relationships with insurance carriers, insurance agents, property managers, plumbers, and vendor programs. Blue Kangaroo Packoutz offers advantages to our franchise owners; they inherit the guidance of industry experts with decades of experience and our long-standing, strong reputation which both contribute to expanding our network and loyal customer base.

Thanks to our innovative technology, proven operating systems, and trustworthy reputation, Blue Kangaroo Packoutz franchise is one of the only brands in the restoration industry with a national spotlight. Through our ongoing support and training, we will arm you with our proven business model and expert advice in order to secure long-term success.

If you want to own a business that makes a real, rewarding, and meaningful difference in your community and in people’s lives, franchising with Blue Kangaroo Packoutz is the quintessential opportunity for you.

“Our business is multifaceted and our list of services covers everything a person needs when disaster strikes,” says David Gavilanes, Training Development Leader at Blue Kangaroo Packoutz. “Insurance companies and customers prefer contents restoration to save sentimental items. We pride ourselves on being fully attentive to our franchisees and fostering an environment focused on support and total customer satisfaction.”

Own a business that restores hope to those who need it most

If you’re ready to learn more about the Blue Kangaroo Packoutz contents packout franchise opportunity, simply fill out the form to begin a conversation and check out our research pages!