Franchise with a Recession Resistant Business

Franchise with a Recession Resistant Business

Blue Kangaroo Packoutz is a Sustainable Franchise

Often overlooked after a disaster strikes is how to pick up the pieces and restore all the little things that make a home feel like a home. In many cases, homeowners don’t have enough time or the chance to pack up their belongings prior to a natural disaster. More often than not, the property damage sustained from these disasters requires homeowners to hire a restoration contractor to assist with the clean up.

Local restoration companies often specialize in fire, water, or smoke damage, mold remediation, structural work, or sewage clean up. However, what about the little things that get damaged in a natural disaster, the possessions you hold most dear, like heirlooms, furniture, and other irreplaceable items? That is a job for specialists like Blue Kangaroo Packoutz, who offer full-service contents cleaning and restoration services.

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Recession Resistant Services

Perhaps one of the greatest testaments to the resiliency of Blue Kangaroo Packoutz is the ability to adapt to unforeseen obstacles, like what happened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Blue Kangaroo Packoutz owners across the country braved the circumstances and continued providing essential services to those in need during the pandemic. Being part of BELFOR Franchise Group allowed franchisees to remain open and provide critical contents cleaning and restoration services to their community during the most uncertain of times. 

The comprehensive training and ongoing support, local marketing guidance, and backing of an industry leader are a few of the many reasons Blue Kangaroo Packoutz offers one of the most recession resistant opportunities in all of franchising. This has provided peace of mind to existing owners and aspiring entrepreneurs that their investment in Blue Kangaroo Packoutz is a smart one – considering the business model is designed to withstand challenging economic conditions and support long-term growth. 

How Does BELFOR Franchise Group Support Blue Kangaroo Packoutz?

As one of the world’s largest residential and commercial service franchisors, BELFOR Franchise Group has helped Blue Kangaroo Packoutz develop a business model that has a record of growth, a high profit potential, and the resources needed to grow local businesses quickly. 

“One of the best parts about franchising with BELFOR Franchise Group is the relationship with and access to our parent company, BELFOR Property Restoration,” Fagan says. “As the largest restoration company in the world, the association with BELFOR will help you establish credibility and trust in your market and among insurance companies, as well as gain access to larger jobs that other independent companies would not have the capacity to handle on their own.” 

Franchise With Blue Kangaroo Packoutz

Now is the perfect time to invest in Blue Kangaroo Packoutz, as our services will always be in demand. Blue Kangaroo Packoutz is also one of the most affordable investment opportunities in the booming restoration industry. To learn more, visit our research pages here or request more information here.